Glass Products

Architectural Glass

  • Eco-Glass

    Eco-Glass(high heat- shielding, thermal insulating double glazed glass) improves the comfort of your living environment and contributes to energy saving.

  • Soundproof Glass

    Soundproof glass reduces ambient noise from external sources such as vehicles and trains, and also prevents interior sound from escaping to the outside.

  • Laminated Glass

    This laminated glass offers high levels of safety and is widely used in windows, doors, skylights, etc.

  • Security Glass

    This is security glass that is useful in the design of safe and secure homes.

  • Tempered Glass

    This is a highly safe tempered glass that is tougher than conventional sheet glass. Even if the glass breaks, there is very little risk of injury from glass fragments.

  • Fireproof Glass

    This a highly safe fireproof glass that prevents the spread of fire and presents little risk of injury from broken glass fragments.

  • High Transmission Glass

    In this glass, the iron content is removed as much as possible from conventional glass to create a pure, colorless and clear glass with high transparency.

  • Anti-Fogging Mirror

    Two types of anti-fogging mirror for the bathroom and bathroom vanity.

  • Specialized Glazing Method

    These are specialized glazing methods that draw on the appeal and features of glass to design impressive and open-feeling spaces.

Automotive Glass


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