Initiatives for Society and Employees (Group Members)

Respect for Human Rights

Central Glass Group Human Rights Policy

<Basic Approach>

The Central Glass Group's basic philosophy is “Creating a Better Future Through Monozukuri” and we contribute to the establishment of a truly prosperous society through the spirit of Monozukuri. We believe that respect for human rights is the foundation of our business activities in the realization of our basic philosophy. Based on the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, we have formulated the Central Glass Group Human Rights Policy (the "Policy") as follows.

The Central Glass Group supports and respects international standards related to human rights, including the International Bill of Human Rights (the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights) and the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work.

  1. Positioning and Scope of Application
    The Policy applies to corporate officers and employees of the Central Glass Group. We also expect that other parties directly involved in the Group's businesses, products or services, such as business partners and suppliers, to support the content of the policy and encourage them to respect it.
  2. Respect for Human Rights
    The Central Glass Group respects the fundamental human rights and diversity of all people and does not recognize any discrimination or acts that harm the dignity of the individuals. In addition, we respect the fundamental rights of labor, prohibit forced labor and child labor, pay appropriate wages and manage working hours, and strive to create a healthy and safe working environment.

    The Central Glass Group seeks ways to respect internationally recognized principles of human rights in the face of conflicting requirements while complying with local and laws and regulations in each country and region.
  3. Initiatives to Promote Respect for Human Rights

    (1) Dissemination and Education of Human Rights Policies
    We conduct education within the Group to raise awareness of human rights, ensure that corporate officers and employees properly understand human rights, and ensure that the Policy is firmly established throughout the Group.

    (2) Remedies and Corrections
    If it becomes apparent that business activities have caused or contributed adverse impacts on human rights, we will work to remedy and correct them.

    (3) Human Rights Due Diligence
    We identify and assess the adverse impacts on human rights that may be involved through corporate activities or as a result of business relationships, and we work to prevent and mitigate the identified adverse impacts, and continue to evaluate the effectiveness of these efforts.

    (4) Information Disclosure
    We disclose our initiatives to respect human rights through our website, integrated report and others.

Enacted February 26, 2024
The Policy has been approved by the Board of Directors.

Purchasing Policy

Central Glass Group Purchasing Policy

Central Glass Group conducts purchasing activities based on the following Basic Purchasing Policy under our corporate philosophy of "Creating a Better Future through Monozukuri".
In order to address social issues throughout our supply chain toward the realization of a sustainable society, we have additionally established a Supplier Code of Conduct that we would like to share with our business partners.
We will fulfill our social responsibilities throughout our supply chain with the understanding and cooperation of our business partners.

Basic Purchasing Policy

  1. Compliance with laws, regulations, and international norms
    In purchasing activities, we comply with the laws and regulations of each country and region, and support and respect international norms.
  2. Fair and impartial transactions
    We conduct open, fair and impartial purchasing activities based on the principle of free competition.
  3. Selection based on economic rationality
    We conduct the selection of business partners through the comprehensive evaluation of economic rationality (quality, price, delivery, stable supply, reliability, after-sales service, technology development capabilities, the stability of the business foundation, response in the event of trouble, and other factors).
  4. Coexistence and co-prosperity with business partners
    We aim to realize peaceful coexistence and mutual prosperity by building long-term confidential relationships with our business partners.
  5. Consideration of human rights and the environment
    We promote purchasing activities considering human rights and environmental conservation.

Supplier Code of Conduct

In developing our business, our group believes that it is necessary for the entire supply chain, including our business partners who are our suppliers, to address issues aimed at realizing a sustainable society and fulfilling our social responsibilities.
We request that not only our group but also our business partners comply with the following items. We also ask that our business partners promote the same principles throughout their supply chains.

1 Fair trade, compliance with laws, and support and respect for international norms In our business activities, we will respect fair and free competition, engage in fair and impartial transactions with business partners, comply with the relevant laws and regulations of each country and region, and support and respect international norms.
2 Ensuring product quality and safety We will prioritize the quality and safety of our products and services, and pursue customer satisfaction. We will adhere to established standards and procedures in all business activities, including development, manufacturing, logistics, sales, after-sales service, disposal, etc., and respond quickly and accurately when problems occur.
3 Respect for intellectual property rights We will respect the intellectual property rights of third parties (rights stipulated by law regarding intellectual property such as patent rights, utility model rights, design rights, copyrights, trademark rights, etc.), and not use them illegally or inappropriately.
4 Prohibition of giving or receiving inappropriate benefits We will not offer bribes to public officials (government employees, etc.). Furthermore, we will not offer or accept excessive entertainment or gifts that violate general social norms to or from business partners.
5 Prohibition of insider trading We will not use undisclosed important inside information (insider information) about a listed company to trade the shares of that listed company or provide that inside information to a third party, which falls under insider trading prohibited by law.
6 Management of confidential information and personal information We will appropriately manage confidential information received from customers and third parties to prevent leakage. In addition, we will appropriately manage and protect the personal information of customers, third parties, employees, etc.
7 Initiatives to preserve the environment and create a safe working environment We will contribute to building a sustainable society through the development of environmentally friendly products and production technologies, the construction of production, logistics and service systems with low environmental impact, and the conservation and reuse of resources. We will also strive to maintain a safe and sanitary working environment and eliminate workplace accidents.
8 No relationship with anti-social forces We will have no relationship whatsoever with anti-social forces. Also, we will take care to not get involved in money laundering or be used for money laundering.
9 Thorough security trade control When exporting goods or technology, we will comply with relevant laws and regulations and take care to ensure that the exported goods or technology are not used for purposes that would interfere with the maintenance of international peace and security.
10 Respect for human rights We will respect the human rights and diversity of all people involved in our business activities. We will not engage in unfair discrimination, acts that undermine the dignity of others, or child labor or forced labor. We will respect the freedom of association and pay appropriate wages and manage working hours.
11 Initiatives against conflict minerals If the use of tantalum, tin, tungsten, and gold mined in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, neighboring countries, conflict areas, and high-risk areas, which are suspected sources of human rights violations and conflict funding by armed groups, has been found in products, we will work to immediately stop using it.

Quality Management

1. Quality Policy

We have formulated Quality Guidelines as a guideline for executing our Code of Conduct based on the Central Glass Group Corporate Philosophy. The Quality Guidelines form a framework to Prevent, Detect, and Respond to quality issues, which are important perspectives for compliance. Based on the quality guidelines, each organization's quality policy is determined.

Quality Guidelines

Item Description
Prevent Cultivate a culture of quality Provide high quality and reliable products by ensuring compliance with laws and regulations, clients’ requirements, and social responsibilities.
Perform continuous improvements Continuously implement quality improvement activities, as well as encourage employees to enhance their awareness and abilities throughout the entire supply chain to keep developing the quality and safety of our products.
Update and enforce policies and procedures Comply with each policy and procedure and update them as needed.
Improve organizational structures Ensure the independence and authority of quality control and quality assurance departments so that they can fully exercise their respective duties.
Invest in human resources and facilities Invest appropriately in human resources and facilities that are essential to achieving our quality objectives.
Detect Strengthen audit systems Detect problems quickly through layered audits conducted by the plants, quality assurance departments, and audit departments.
Streamline reporting systems Clarify reporting procedures and reporting guidelines to ensure quick responses to quality issues.
Respond Respond to problems with corrective and preventive actions Prevent recurrences of quality problems by identifying and analyzing the causes, in addition to taking necessary measures such as prompt information disclosure.

2. Quality Management System

We establish a management system based on the concept of TQM, and promote quality activities based on the Group Quality Compliance Committee, a multi-layer audit system, a quality issue reporting line, and a quality education system.

Human Capital Strategy

We have a long-term vision of becoming a continuously growing company driven by new technologies and new products created through R&D, aiming to optimize the business portfolio, establish a profitable business model and convert to a highly profitable company by strengthening R&D as our growth driver.
At the same time, to advance the Medium-Term Management Plan, we share technologies, solutions and qualities expected by stakeholders as well as values and goals related to the global environment, promote the creation of ideas to meet such requirements and needs and take necessary measures. To that end, we find it essential for our Company itself to cultivate sensitivity and work on them with more flexible mindset (=diversity).
Thus, based on the recognition that it is a person that drives an R&D-oriented company forward, it is a person that provides values required by society, and, above all things, it is a person who supports Monozukuri, we will work on the recruitment, training, allocation and retaining of personnel.
Specifically, corporate culture in which each person (individual employee) is cherished will support Monozukuri (corporate activities) and create new value. With this in mind, we have established our human capital strategy based on the idea that both corporate culture and systems are also created by persons.

Human Capital Strategy of the Central Glass Group
~Securing of the Four Things~
  1. Securing of acceptability:
    Recognizing individuality each other
  2. Securing of a place to stay:
    Being able to realize the meaning of his/her own existence
  3. Securing of equity:
    Being able to exchange candid opinions with each other and take on new challenges
  4. Securing of fairness:
    Being able to maintain high motivation

By taking advantage of our corporate culture characterized by amenableness and earnestness that has been cultivated and successively passed down in the company since its foundation and providing the opportunities and such environments with a slogan of “Securing of the Four Things,” we will contribute to the creation of corporate culture that always brings SMILE to all employees’ (group members’) faces, and promote psychological safety at work. In addition, we will implement measures for employees’ health management and maintenance and their mental health, and work on the employees’ health promotion from the perspective of improving their well-being and promoting sustainability.
Toward securing each of the four things, we will translate them into the form of concrete materiality and KPIs, and will firmly support the implementation of our management and business strategies as well as the realization of our Corporate Philosophy.

Materiality and KPIs

Materiality KPI
Improvement of female employee ratio in career-track employees 13.0% 14% 15%
Ratio of Women in Managers 2.5% - 4%
Improving the use of childcare leave by male employees (including secondees) 39.7% 50% 55%
Increasing the number of childcare leave days for male employees (including secondees) 38.0% - 45%
Improving the employment rate of people with disabilities 2.18% 2.5% 2.6%
Encouragement to take paid leave (including secondees) 67.5% At least 80% At least 80%


  • Initiatives to Improve Engagement (as of February 2024)
    We have conducted engagement surveys since FY2023. The entire company and each workplace are moving forward with improvement initiatives to address the issues identified by these surveys.
    Improving employee engagement is one of Central Glass's top priority themes, and the president himself has taken the lead in promoting the creation of a company that is a great place to work.

Initiatives for Health Management

Central Glass is enhancing our initiatives to improve the well-being of our employees, thereby contributing to higher productivity, the company's medium-term development, and our corporate image, and established a Health Promotion Section in the Personnel Department as of October 1, 2023, with the aim of continuing to promote these initiatives.
Currently, we are engaged in the following activities:

  1. Formulating company-wide policies and measures related to the promotion of health management, and considering the establishment of a management organization.
  2. Taking action to obtain certification as an excellent health management corporation in FY2025.
  3. Promoting collaborative health, including cooperation in the formulation of the third phase data health plan

Human Resource Development

Basic policy

As an enterprise that continues to provide the world with high value-added and superior products, Central Glass views our human resources as capital, the source of our competitiveness. We respect the diversity and independence of each and every employee who makes up our organization and are engaged in systematic human resource development and career development. With the aim of enhancing employee satisfaction, we will strive for individual growth and organizational strength. Additionally, we will increase enterprise value through creative manufacturing, and contribute to the realization of a sustainable and prosperous society.

Clarification of the human resources we need and systematization of education

Central Glass's education system is based on the three pillars of Basic education, Monozukuri education, and Education for career development. It is designed to support the growth and self-realization of each and every employee, as well as to improve organizational cohesion and manufacture productivity.

Through Basic education, we provide each employee with an opportunity to deepen his or her understanding of the Corporate Philosophy and Code of Conduct and to reflect on his or her own contribution to the development of society and the company as an organization member. In addition to e-learning programs in which all Central Glass Group employees, including senior management, learn on their own, we have established a dialogue meeting for directors, officers and auditors in which senior management explains the Corporate Philosophy and corporate policies to younger employees and introduces examples of compliance measures, providing opportunities for mutual learning and culture reform.
We are also moving forward with diversity and inclusion education and sustainability education, as well as actively moving forward with efforts to improve employee engagement.

Through Monozukuri education, we support the development of awareness and the acquisition of knowledge and skills necessary for each expected role, such as engineers, technicians, and indirect staff, in order for the manufacturing industry to survive global competition.
Among these, the training program for technicians includes a one-year study away from work at the Active Expert Center (AEC), which was established within the company as a place to intensively learn problem analysis, solution methods, and logical thinking, and to develop potential leaders for the manufacturing division through practical theme activities. To date, more than 170 employees have completed the program.
In addition, we appoint employees who possess unique technologies to each workplace as senior experts, and have established a skill advancement support system to pass on these technologies to the next generation.

Education for Career Development consists of four types of educational systems, and it is designed to encourage the growth of individual employees and improve the organizational strength through on-the-job training (OJT), off-the job training (Off-JT) and self-development (SD) support.
We provide young employees with eligibility-based educational opportunities which those recommended can participate in every three-to-five years, aiming to raise their consciousness, and help them confirm basic knowledge and acquire skills.

Global Human Resource Development

In addition to providing support for the acquisition of language skills such as English, Chinese, Korean, and Czech, our company is also working to develop global human resources through MBA studies, pre-assignment education, and training courses for overseas personnel.

Education for Career Development

Educational System Outline
New position training Change in the way of thinking and support for knowledge/skill acquisition according to a shift in positions and roles, such as entering company and promotion (eligibility-based programs)
Management education Gradual career development and nurturing of candidates for managerial positions (eligibility-based and selection-based programs)
Business skills development education Language study programs for global human resource development, support for acquiring various business skills as well as knowledge and skills intended for the enhancement of organizational productivity and the improvement of the ability to change for the better (selection-based programs, and self-development support)
Professional development education Nurturing of highly professional personnel for various fields such as those related to legal work, intellectual property rights, environment and safety, and quality (eligibility-based and selective programs)