Quality Policy

1. Quality Policy

We have formulated Quality Guidelines as a guideline for executing our Code of Conduct based on the Central Glass Group Corporate Philosophy. The Quality Guidelines form a framework to Prevent, Detect, and Respond to quality issues, which are important perspectives for compliance. Based on the quality guidelines, each organization's quality policy is determined.

Quality Guidelines

Item Description
Prevent Cultivate a culture of quality Provide high quality and reliable products by ensuring compliance with laws and regulations, clients’ requirements, and social responsibilities.
Perform continuous improvements Continuously implement quality improvement activities, as well as encourage employees to enhance their awareness and abilities throughout the entire supply chain to keep developing the quality and safety of our products.
Update and enforce policies and procedures Comply with each policy and procedure and update them as needed.
Improve organizational structures Ensure the independence and authority of quality control and quality assurance departments so that they can fully exercise their respective duties.
Invest in human resources and facilities Invest appropriately in human resources and facilities that are essential to achieving our quality objectives.
Detect Strengthen audit systems Detect problems quickly through layered audits conducted by the plants, quality assurance departments, and audit departments.
Streamline reporting systems Clarify reporting procedures and reporting guidelines to ensure quick responses to quality issues.
Respond Respond to problems with corrective and preventive actions Prevent recurrences of quality problems by identifying and analyzing the causes, in addition to taking necessary measures such as prompt information disclosure.

2. Quality Management System

We establish a management system based on the concept of TQM, and promote quality activities based on the Group Quality Compliance Committee, a multi-layer audit system, a quality issue reporting line, and a quality education system.