Human Rights Policy

Central Glass Group Human Rights Policy

<Basic Approach>

The Central Glass Group's basic philosophy is “Creating a Better Future Through Monozukuri” and we contribute to the establishment of a truly prosperous society through the spirit of Monozukuri. We believe that respect for human rights is the foundation of our business activities in the realization of our basic philosophy. Based on the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, we have formulated the Central Glass Group Human Rights Policy (the "Policy") as follows.

The Central Glass Group supports and respects international standards related to human rights, including the International Bill of Human Rights (the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights) and the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work.

  1. Positioning and Scope of Application
    The Policy applies to corporate officers and employees of the Central Glass Group. We also expect that other parties directly involved in the Group's businesses, products or services, such as business partners and suppliers, to support the content of the policy and encourage them to respect it.
  2. Respect for Human Rights
    The Central Glass Group respects the fundamental human rights and diversity of all people and does not recognize any discrimination or acts that harm the dignity of the individuals. In addition, we respect the fundamental rights of labor, prohibit forced labor and child labor, pay appropriate wages and manage working hours, and strive to create a healthy and safe working environment.

    The Central Glass Group seeks ways to respect internationally recognized principles of human rights in the face of conflicting requirements while complying with local and laws and regulations in each country and region.
  3. Initiatives to Promote Respect for Human Rights

    (1) Dissemination and Education of Human Rights Policies
    We conduct education within the Group to raise awareness of human rights, ensure that corporate officers and employees properly understand human rights, and ensure that the Policy is firmly established throughout the Group.

    (2) Remedies and Corrections
    If it becomes apparent that business activities have caused or contributed adverse impacts on human rights, we will work to remedy and correct them.

    (3) Human Rights Due Diligence
    We identify and assess the adverse impacts on human rights that may be involved through corporate activities or as a result of business relationships, and we work to prevent and mitigate the identified adverse impacts, and continue to evaluate the effectiveness of these efforts.

    (4) Information Disclosure
    We disclose our initiatives to respect human rights through our website, integrated report and others.

Enacted February 26, 2024
The Policy has been approved by the Board of Directors.