Electronic Materials

From hydrogen fluoride, which is the basic raw material for fluorine compounds, to the end product, Central Glass has set up a stable supply system for top quality products. Central Glass’s fluorine compounds, which exhibit unique physical properties, are used in a wide range of fields, including semiconductors manufacturing processes, optical raw materials, and active materials for batteries.

  • CVD Process Gases for Semiconductors

    We are commercializing tungsten hexafluoride (WF₆) which is used to mold metal wiring and trimethylsilane (3MS) which is used to form low-k dielectric constant interlayer insulating coating.

  • Cleaning Gases for Semiconductors Manufacturing Equipment

    Since completing a multi-purpose manufacturing facility for high-purity fluorine gases in 1988, we have consolidated our position as a major supplier of chlorine trifluoride (ClF₃) and other cleaning gases for semiconductors manufacturing equipment.

  • Etching Gases for Next Generation Semiconductors

    CEG® is the brand name for Central Glass' innovative process gases for semiconductors. In the CEG® Series, we have commercialized various process gases that have a lower environmental impact than existing gases and are suitable for 3D devices and cutting-edge materials.

  • Pattern Keeper™ (Pattern Collapse Prevention Agent)

    A chemical solution with high water repellency created by our proprietary technology. Prevents pattern collapse by providing the surface of a semiconductor pattern with this same characteristic of water repellence, which is a major problem during the drying process after wet cleaning.

  • Photoresist Materials

    We supply a variety of fluorine-containing monomers and polymers.

  • Photo-curable Resins

    We provide photo-curable resins for semiconductors and displays that utilize our fluorine technology, which have features such as liquid repellency, low refractive index, and transparency. (R&D products)

  • Other Fluorine Products

    Unique fluorine resins and fluorine compound products.


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