Tax Policy

Central Glass Group Tax Policy

The tax policy of Central Glass Co., Ltd. and its subsidiaries, “the Group”, aims at ensuring tax transparency and minimizing tax risks. The Group is committed to contribute to the development of the society by fulfilling the corporate social responsibility through making the appropriate tax payments in compliance with local laws and regulations in the countries and regions where it operates.
The Group’s corporate philosophy and code of conduct set forth the basic principle of its business as activities including R&D, manufacture and sales with honesty and sincerity, and the Group engages in tax matters with such basic principles.

1. Management system for tax risks

The Group understands the tax risks may cause adverse impact to its various stakeholders, and may also draw souring relationships with the countries and regions where it operates. The Group strives to reduce the tax risks in accordance with OECD Transfer Pricing guideline and BEPS project in addition to local laws and regulations in the countries and regions where it operates.
The Group’s various committees, each business department and administrative department work closely, investigate, deliberate, guide and educate for compliance promotion and risk management in order to prevent legal violations.
The Group ensures internal processes and controls, and takes appropriate management for preparing tax documents, and strives to reduce tax risks which are also in daily operation.

  • OECD:Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
  • BEPS:Base Erosion and Profit Shifting

2. Tax Planning

The Group undertakes fair transactions based on actual business and appropriate and reasonable tax planning, and fulfill the responsibility as a tax payer. The Group does not engage in any activity seeking for international tax avoidance, abusive tax planning or transactions without actual business activities.

3. The relationship with tax authorities

The Group is committed to declare and pay appropriate tax and provide the tax information according to relevant laws and regulations in the countries and regions in which it operates. Through these activities, we build and sustain trustful relationship with tax authorities.
We will strive to reduce tax risks regarding the uncertainty on taxation by checking with the tax authorities before declaring tax as may be necessary.