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  • Other Fluorine Products

    Unique fluorine resins and fluorine compound products.

Glass Fiber

  • Chopped Strand

    Glass fibers are cut into specified lengths and used as reinforcement material for FRTP and BMC in a wide range of fields, including automobiles, electrical and electronic equipment, and housing equipment.

  • Milled Fiber

    It is a powdered product made by grinding glass fiber in a special method, which improves physical properties such as thermal property and dimensional stability while maintaining the excellent surface finishes of the product.

  • Rubber coated glass cord

    It is a product made by gathering glass fibers with a special binder and also treated by a latex solution, then twisting them together. This product could be widely used as material for reinforcing the synchronous belts (transmission belts) for automotive, office equipment and other machineries.

  • Chopped Strand Mat

    Glass fibers are formed into a sheet (non-woven fabric). The base material strength is not directional and it is widely used as a base material for hand layup molding in applications such as vessels, vehicles, laminates, and a FRP waterproof construction base material.

  • Glass wool

    Glass wool is widely used as heat insulation material and sound absorbing material for automobiles and railroad cars. Its raw material is recycled raw materials such as glass cullet, etc., and is a noncombustible material that has high fire resistance. **Detail page is Japanese only. **


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