Research & Development Structure

Research structure that leads to the solution

Research structure that leads to the solution

Central Glass has built up a system that can provide higher value-added solutions by identifying the true issues faced by our customers and society and promoting research and development that leads to the solutions to such problems, matching the technologies we've cultivated in our R&D with their needs.

Our R&D system

Our R&D system

Fundamental Chemical Research Center

The Fundamental Chemical Research Center aims to develop new products and technologies by applying Central Glass's core technologies (fluorine compound products and glass products), which we have cultivated over many years, and by fusing these technologies to create our original technologies and to provide solutions.

Applied Chemical Research Center

The Applied Chemical Research Center is responsible for research and development of next-generation functional materials by acquiring new technologies, while moving forward with application development based on the technological capabilities Central Glass has cultivated over many years in the fields of electronic and functional materials, energy materials, and agricultural materials.

New-STEP Research Center

The Center is intensively responsible for corporate research in new areas to create new businesses for Central Glass, and aims to develop materials utilizing the latest development approaches, such as computational science, with a view to contributing to the resolution of social issues facing the world and mankind in the medium to long term, such as life science, carbon neutrality, and compliance with PFAS regulations.

  • New-STEP = New-Stage Exploring Program