Fluorine Compound Products

Applied Chemicals

  • CELEFIN ® 1233Z (HFO-1233zd(Z))

    A next-generation fluorine-based solvent that combines excellent environmental performance (ODP≈0, GWP<1) with high cleaning performance. An ideal product to replace HCFC-225 and other chlorinated, brominated, and hydrocarbon solvents.

  • ZEM-SCREEN®(HFO-1234ze(E))

    We have applied fluorine technology to provide environmentally friendly cover gas for magnesium alloy production. An environmentally friendly product with low GWP, etc.

  • Hydrofluoric acid (anhydrous/diluted products)

    Utilizing the unique properties of fluorine, various fluorine compounds play an active role in our daily lives. The product used as a starting material for these fluorine compound products is hydrofluoric acid.

  • Aromatic Products

    Central Glass handles a wide range of aromatic compounds having trifluoromethyl groups that are produced commercial quantities using hydrogen fluoride (HF) and the halogen exchange method. These products are used in many fields not only as cleaning solvents and lubricants, but also as pharmaceutical and agrochemical intermediates.

  • Aromatic monomers

    Central Glass manufactures BIS-AF [CAS No. 1478-61-1], which is used as a cross-linking agent for rubber and a resin raw material. We also have a competitive edge in various derivatives and similar compounds derived from it. By using the aforementioned monomers, functions such as heat resistance specific to fluorine-containing compounds can be added. It has a proven track record of being used as a polymer raw material for various semiconductor materials, and we have established a high-quality product management system.

Electronic Materials

  • CVD Process Gases for Semiconductors

    We are commercializing tungsten hexafluoride (WF₆) which is used to mold metal wiring and trimethylsilane (3MS) which is used to form low-k dielectric constant interlayer insulating coating.

  • Cleaning Gases for Semiconductors Manufacturing Equipment

    Since completing a multi-purpose manufacturing facility for high-purity fluorine gases in 1988, we have consolidated our position as a major supplier of chlorine trifluoride (ClF₃) and other cleaning gases for semiconductors manufacturing equipment.

  • Photoresist Materials

    We supply a variety of fluorine-containing monomers and polymers.

  • Other Fluorine Products

    Unique fluorine resins and fluorine compound products.


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