Central Glass at a Glance

What is Central Glass?

With the soda business as our origin, we have expanded into the fertilizer, glass and glass fiber businesses, and businesses in the fine chemicals field. We collaborate one after another on materials and technologies, and leverage our knowledge of various materials to bring a wide variety of products to the world.

We also possess many unique production technologies, and our strengths lie in the wide variety of know-how we have cultivated in the course of our wide-ranging business development, from niche fields to general-purpose products.

Initiatives for the Future

As an R & D-oriented company, we aim to improve corporate value by contributing to the realization of a sustainable society, driven by new technologies and products with high added value derived from R & D, based on our corporate philosophy of “Creating a Better Future Through Monozukuri”.

  • FY 2022 to FY 2024

    Research and
    development expenses

    24 billion yen

    We focus on research and development related to our core businesses, including electronic materials, as well as research and development from a long-term perspective to explore new areas to solve social issues, such as energy conservation, medical materials, and carbon neutrality.

  • 2024

    Operating Profit

    14 billion yen

    To clarify the roles of each business and optimize the business portfolio, we concentrate management resources on businesses that need to be expanded, establish an earnings business model, and accelerate business development in growth markets.

  • Total Shareholder
    Return Ratio

    At least 30%

    Our basic policy is to pay stable dividends commensurate with business performance from a long-term perspective.

8 Business Origins

This section introduces the origins of each of our businesses.

  • 1936

    Start with the soda business as its foundation

    We were founded in 1936 as a founder of the soda business.
    We began production of soda industrial products, including soda ash, which is a raw material for glass products, soaps, and detergents, and began as a chemical manufacturer. After this, we will develop our business in a diverse range of fields, starting with the soda business, including fertilizer, glass and fiberglass, and fine chemicals.

  • 1953

    • Fertilizers Business

    Start of fertilizer business

    The fertilizer business in our company started in 1953 when a part of the soda ash production equipment was switched to the salt and soda method, and the production of salt and soda for fertilizer started at the same time as soda ash.
    Since then, we have been contributing to the agricultural sector in Japan by developing advanced chemical fertilizer (salt and phosphorus), NK chemical production, and covering fertilizers that can supply the necessary amount of fertilizer when crops need it.

  • 1958

    • Architectural Glass Business

    Expansion into Architectural Glass Business

  • 1964

    • Automotive Glass Business

    Expansion into the automotive glass business

    Our company, which produced soda ash, expanded into the flat glass business using soda ash in 1958. We have established a system that enables us to consistently produce glass from raw materials to flat glass, and we produce glass for construction that meets various needs. In addition, we have expanded our automotive glass business by increasing precision in plate production and processing technology, and we offer a wide variety of high-quality glass with excellent safety, comfort, and design.

  • 1971

    • Glass Fiber Business

    Expansion into Glass Fiber Business

    We started the glass fiber business by utilizing our kiln technology cultivated through the production of flat glass. We develop glass fiber products with unique and excellent properties in a wide range of fields, including automotive, IT, housing, and the environment, to meet the needs of manufacturers around the world.

  • 1979

    • Applied Chemicals Business
    • Electronic Materials Business
    • Energy Materials Business
    • Medi-Chemicals Business

    Start of Fine Chemicals Business

    The first connection between our company and fluorine was the fixation and recovery of fluorine from phosphate ore, one of the three main elements of fertilizer. In 1979, we launched a series of studies focusing on fluorination technology, which led to the launch of our company's fine chemical business, which provides a variety of fine chemical products, mainly in the electronics and medical and agricultural fields.

Familiar products
of Central Glass

The products of the Central Glass Group support people's health, safety and comfort in many areas of their daily lives.
Our company continues to be environmentally friendly and contribute to the creation of a society where people can live comfortably and healthily.


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