The Central Glass Group uses hydrogen fluoride which is synthesized from fluorite (CaF2), as well as high purity fluorine obtained by electrolysis of hydrogen fluoride to manufacture various organic and inorganic fluorine-based fine chemical products.
In this way, we are able to provide dependable supplies of high-quality products through integrated manufacturing from raw materials to finished products, and their quality has been highly evaluated by users in Japan and overseas.
The Group is concentrating on business development centered on fluorine-based fine chemical products to meet a wide range of needs in the electronics, pharmaceutical and agrochemical and other fields and to develop new products that meet new needs.

  • Aliphatic Products

    Aliphatic compounds such as Hexafluoroisopropanol (HFIP) derived from Hexafluoroacetone (HFA) are used as pharmaceutical and agrochemical intermediates and in electronic materials. Central Glass has the manufacturing capacity to meet the needs of our customers with dependable supplies of high-quality products.

  • Chiral Compounds

    We are expanding our product line with a focus on the chiral fluorine-containing compounds that are used as pharmaceutical and agrochemical intermediates. Techniques such as deoxyfluorination make it possible to produce a variety of optically-active compounds.

  • Aliphatic Monomers

    Flourine-containing aliphatic monomers that are used in optical materials and high function materials can give heat-resistance, water and oil repellency, and transparency. We supply our products to customers in a wide range of fields, including contact lens applications, electronic materials applications, and so on. Central Glass is also moving forward with the advanced development of highly functional and high quality products.

  • Contract Manufacturing (API, fluorination, etc.)

    Building on an R&D organization with many years of experience in inorganic and organic chemistry and our own fluorination technology, Central Glass has worked with pharmaceutical companies around the world in joint development projects. With the systems in place, we are able to provide contract manufacturing services that support your development and commercialization activities.

  • Reagents

    We supply customers around the world with a wide range of unique reagents with the research and development function and procurement capabilities of members of the Central Glass Group, SynQuest Laboratories, Inc. in the US and Apollo Scientific Limited in the UK.


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